…the photographs

The photographs I make reflect my view of the world and my world would be nothing without people. Therefore my pictures are all about people and about what they do best every day: live their lives!

I like to watch people going about their business and short of interacting with every interesting person that I see I try to capture them with my camera and bring them home with me.

The photographs on this site are some of those daily life impressions that I have captured along my life. To me they came out not just nice moments of everyday life but also aesthetically pleasing to look at. I hope you enjoy them too.

…the photographed

On occasion I do photograph people that I know and I ask them for permission to publish their image. However, most often this is not the case and the persons depicted in my images are total strangers to me and in some situations it is actually impossible to talk to them.

If you recognise yourself in one of my pictures, please let me know if you would like a printed copy, or maybe you would like it removed from this website.

Fabrício Santos

…the photographer

My name is Fabrício Santos and I am a Portuguese street photographer based in Brussels, Belgium.

I started making street photography in the mid 1990’s and ever since I have been documenting humanity in my neck of the woods, wherever that might be at any given moment in time.

I started by doing black and white photography and kept doing so for 18 long years. Then, on one beautiful August afternoon in 2014, I discovered colour is not a virtual concept: it actually does exist and can be captured in photographs too.

If you would like to drop me a word please send me an email or check my pages on Instagram, Facebook or Flickr.